Lisa Cameron

Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Coach

Lisa has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 13 years and is the owner operator of Healthy Inspirations, a ladies weight loss and fitness centre in Sale.

Lisa is a Personal Trainer turned Nutritionist who, apart from holding qualifications as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer has also studied in the areas of Nutrition and Coaching. Holding an Accredited Certificate in Nutrition, Certificate of Wellness and Nutrition Coaching, Certificate in Dietary Assessment and Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Loss and is currently studying Nutrition Psychology. Lisa also holds a Diploma in Business Management and is registered with Fitness Australia as a Level 2 Fitness Professional.

Lisa’s passion for nutrition has developed over the years through studying the results and lack thereof of her personal training clients. This passion was heightened through personal tragedy, with the loss of her father due to atherosclerosis and pushed her to find the answers as to why, when someone was supposedly following all the right dietary advice was taken at just 67, from something so preventable.

Today, Lisa’s aim is to assist people in combating such issues as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, inflammation and many other preventable and treatable issues that face our community and are burdening our healthy system. Through diet, education and hands on approach, Lisa has assisted many people in obtaining optimum health and wellbeing and is committed to continuing her education and work in this area.

Lisa and her Fiance are both committed to a low carbohydrate, healthy fat diet and are both passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

Lisa is available for appointments in our Traralgon office on Thursdays. To make an appointment, please call 5143 2166 or email Lisa, [email protected] for further information.