New Patients

Your Initial Consultation (first visit):

You will be required to complete some paperwork relating to your health history. You will then meet your Chiropractor who will take a detailed history of your health & perform a thorough examination to assess the health of your spine. Depending on your specific case, further tests such as x-rays may be ordered. Treatment may/may not begin on your first visit depending on the outcome of your examination and tests.

Report of Findings Consultation (2nd visit):

After studying your examination results your Chiropractor will develop a treatment plan. This is a detailed plan of the course of your treatment and is developed specifically for each individual. Our aim is to get you well and your spine functioning the best it can within the shortest period possible. Your treatment plan, along with your examination findings will be explained to you at your report visit. As per your treatment plan, we incorporate rehabilitation exercises including stretches, core conditioning strength exercises and general exercise advice and recommendations.