Stephen Learhinan


Stephen is originally from Adelaide, South Australia. Stephen graduated from the now University of S.A in 1982 and worked as a Podiatrist in both the public sector and his own private practices until making the tree change to Gippsland with his family in 2003.

Stephen currently provides Podiatry services at Sale Hospital and is private practice at McMillan Chiropractic Centre, Bairnsdale with a branch clinic at Lakes Entrance.

Stephen also practices privately in Sale at Inglis Medical Centre.

Stephen provides a range of Podiatry Services including:

    • General Foot care including removal of corns, calluses and treating nail conditions.
    • Treatment of foot, knee and leg pain including heel, arch, forefoot pain and knee and leg problems.
    • Assessment of body biomechanics and posture in children and adults.
    • Diabetes foot management, arthritic related problems, work and sporting injuries.
    • Fabrication of custom Orthotics and Insoles
    • Foot wear advice

Appointments can be made at:
McMillan Chiropractic Centre – Bairnsdale on 5152 2621
Available on Wednesdays

Sale (Inglis Medical Centre- 12 Inglis Street, Sale) on 5143 7900
Available Tuesdays and Thursdays

Initial Consultation $95.00
Subsequent Consultations $85.00
Custom Orthotics/ Insoles POA