What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a safe, gentle and effective means of assessing and correcting spinal malfunction (Vertebral Subluxations) and ensuring that your spine and nervous system are able to function at their optimum.
At McMillan Chiropractic Centre we utilise the most up to date research and techniques designed to make Chiropractic Care an effective, safe and enjoyable part of everyone’s health maintenance routine.

Vertebral Subluxations

  • Occur with the misalignment of the vertebrae
  • Cause interference to the messages passing along the spinal cord and nerves
  • Prevent nerve messages from getting to the rest of the body effectively, affecting your health
  • Can cause pain, decreased function, and poor general health

Subluxations are often ASYMPTOMATIC in the early stages (i.e.: rarely cause noticeable signs, such as pain or discomfort). Over time the subluxation becomes more complicated, progressing from a relatively minor problem to a gradual reduction in function of the body and diminished levels of health. Long-term subluxations can result in permanent spinal damage. Research has shown that degenerative changes can begin within 2 weeks of a subluxation occurring in the spine.

Causes of Vertebral Subluxation


Childbirth, bumps, falls, accidents and repetitive activities


Drugs, artificial colours, preservatives, alcohol and smoking


Stress, anxiety, depression and emotional pressure

As we are all exposed to the factors that cause subluxations it is essential that we all have regular adjustments to maintain optimal health, regardless of our age.

Long Term Subluxations

If subluxations have been present for a period of time, you usually require a specific treatment plan consisting of regular adjustments, exercises, stretches, and time to overcome the problem and for the body to heal. Once the specific treatment plan is completed we always recommend maintaining this improved state of function and health.


At McMillan Chiropractic our team of Chiropractors share a wealth of clinical experience using the latest techniques that get predictable and excellent results. Our range of techniques are tailored to meet your needs no matter what your age or condition may be, from Babies, Children, Pregnant Mothers, Adults or Athletes we offer first class, safe, gentle and effective Chiropractic care.
The aim of Chiropractic adjustments is to promote a better functioning spine and nervous system. With a better functioning mind and body, we have a greater ability to heal, regenerate and function compared to one that is not. In order for the mind and body to function optimally, we rely on a fully functioning spine and nervous system.