Trevor Kennedy

Naturapathy Dip.Nat, Dip. Herb. Med, Dip. Hom, Complimentary Dermatology Practitioner

Naturopathy emphasises safe, sensible and effective natural treatments that can be conveniently integrated into your lifestyle.
Trevor’s focus is to help you achieve your health goals, increase your energy and vitality, and provide you with the tools to maintain lasting good health.

Covering all you Naturopathic Requirements:

Cellular Health Testing
The cellular health testing program generates a living record of your key physiological and biological markers of aging by measuring:-

Muscle Mass
Muscle Strength
Body Fat Percentage
Body Water Balance
Body Toxicity Levels
Cellular Aging

Allergy Testing

Digestive disturbances: Bloating, Flatulence, Diarrhoea
Joint Stiffness
Low Energy
Upper Respiratory: Congestion, Runny Eyes, Runny Nose, Frequent Sneezing, Snoring.

If you experience any of these annoying symptoms ask about Allergy Testing.

Iridology- Diagnosing health issues through the iris of the eye

Professional Detox Programme- Tailored to renew your health & Vitality
Initial Consult (1 Hour) $95.00
Regular Consult (30 minutes) $65.00