Dr. Meaghan McMillan

(Director) B.App.Sc (Clin.Sc.); B.Chiro.Sc

Meaghan attended RMIT University to study Chiropractic and graduated in 1995. She worked as an associate in a well known, busy, Family Wellness Chiropractic practice for two and a half years before settling in Sale. Meaghan is married to Jason and has three beautiful, happy,and energetic children. She has a busy lifestyle, loves being physically active and practicing yoga. She is currently learning to surf with her children and is quite pleased that she can now stand up!

A Certified S.O.T Practitioner and Instructor, Meaghan has done many short courses to expand her knowledge. She is passionate about Wellness care for the whole family, especially children and babies, and adjusting children makes her day!