Dr. Jason McMillan

(Director) B.App.Sc (Clin.Sc); B.Chiro.Sc

Jason has worked for many years to build a group of successful, holistic healthcare practices in Gippsland. His passion for natural health, wellbeing and wellness care has seen him grow an exceptional group of practices and team to complement his passion and vision.

Jason is motivated by helping people reach their potential through Chiropractic care, diet/nutrition, exercise and lifestyle advice. Jason lives in Sale with his wife Meaghan and three children Henry, Sophie and Madeline. They lead by example and live a very active, healthy lifestyle. Jason enjoys surfing, high intensity training, swimming, running, and mountain biking. He and his family subscribe to a Paleo diet and firmly believe great nutrition in conjunction with Chiropractic care and an active lifestyle are crucial to long term health and wellbeing.